Anh Thu - Field 1

Anh Thu Football Court

Distance: N/A | 11x11  | Field place: Outside

Anh Thu  football facility is located in the Binh Quoi – Binh Thanh area, is a good choice in the area for football fans who want to experience the feeling of “shoot the ball” on the real grass.
Although the location is quite deep in the Thanh Da Peninsula, but only 10 minutes to go to the yard from the East Bus Station.
Anh Thu  football ground  is just right, beautiful grass, flat surface, courtyard surrounded by fences and houses.
Taking care of natural grass is more expensive and time consuming than artificial grass. However, the rental price at the Anh Thu football yard is very soft – 800,000 VND / hour and only for day rental (due to not installed lighting system).
Drinking water, car park, free wifi. In addition, Anh Thu Stadium also has seats for visitors to watch and enjoy the game.
For matches that require seriousness and accuracy, teams may contact the pitchmaster to request referees.
English football is perfectly suited to be able to organize amateur sports events, competition for 9 to 11 people.

Services on location

  • Free water
  • Free parking
  • Showers available
  • Toilet
  • Canteen
  • Referees available
  • Shoes for rent
  • Uniform for rent
  • Free wifi
  • Bibs for rent
  • Organizing sport events
  • Free footballs available