Can I book multiple zones at the same time

It is not possible to make two bookings for the some period with the same account. Since the terms of usage describe that you can only book for yourself it is not possible to use two different bookings. Ask your friend or the people that will use the other location to create a profile and make a reservation.

What can I do when weather is so bad that it becomes too dangerous to play?

The manager can set a duration in case of "weather cancellation", a function if the pitch is affected by the weather (such as heavy rain and lightning). All reservations for this time period will be canceled and the deposit amount from the player(s) will be refunded to their WeSport account for use next time.

When I experience a problem or something goes wrong with my booking

If there is something wrong with the system please use the contact form at the bottom of every page to contact WeSport directly. We will aim to respond to you as soon as we can. If you have troubles when you’re on your way or at the accommodation, we ask you to first contact the accommodation manager. WeSport only handles the bookings and is not responsible for the accommodation itself. We however want you to have the best experience and we recommend that you always write a review that indicated the experience you had. If it is an urgent matter or the experience you had is very bad. Please contact WeSport via the contact form at the bottom of the page. We will try to assist you best way we can and if needed shall contact the manager or owner of the accommodation. Please make sure t...

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Credit system

The credit system manages refunds to WeSport users. You cannot put money on the credit system directly. Below we describe how it works and what you can expect from it. In the following cases funds can be added to the credit system:

  • You cancel a booking within the cancellation period after paying online or paying the deposit at the location.
  • The accommodation manager has to cancel all outdoor reservations due to bad weather conditions.
In both of these cases the system refunds the deposit or full payment to your personal credit. You can find this amount and overview in your profile. How can you use this credit? The credit will automatically be used on your next booking. However you cannot use it on payment for deposit. It will be deducted from the final payment. If you wil...

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This is a % of the total booking cost that has to be paid upfront to confirm the reservation. The deposit amount can be different per location and even per user. This is based on the rules of the accommodation and the history you have with them. WeSport is not responsible for the deposit amount and rules and execute only the rules of the accommodation. If you have questions about your personal case please discuss the deposit rules with the accommodation manager.

Cancellation period

Every accommodation has his own cancellation rules. Please check them carefully per booking. Within the cancellation period you can cancel a booking without losing the deposit. You will get your deposit back as refund for further bookings in your personal account. For more information about this please read the FAQ about “the “credit system”.

Reservation confirmation

Once you made a booking and you paid online you will get a confirmation email and the status in your reservation overview will confirm the payment is made. If you pay by cash the reservation confirmation will first be send as tentative as the deposit amount is not paid yet. Once the deposit is paid the reservation will be confirmed. A fully confirmed booking will show a green “tick” next to the deposit box in your overview. If you see a red “cross” next to your deposit box after you have already paid, it could mean the location manager forgot to confirm your booking in the system. To avoid this, make sure to ask the manager to directly confirm the booking in the system once you are at the field to deposit.

Online payment

We like online payment. It is safe and you directly know for sure that the reservation is final. With online payment you pay the full amount at once instead of in two steps. No need to go to the location prior to the playing time and no need to bring any cash on your playing date.

Cash payment

We at WeSport believe in a cash free world. However, we see that it is still part of the daily routine of many accommodation managers. We give an option to pay all costs in cash. However please be aware of the payment time limit and location. When you make a reservation the reservation is only final after the deposit is received by the accommodation manager within the mentioned time.

How to book a “Zone”?

Once you logged in to the system and updated your profile you can follow the following steps to book a field:

  1. Go to the menu to “Find Zone” and select your location and sport before you click on the button “find your zone”.
  2. Use more filters like “time, date” and “field size” to assure the searched zones are available at your preferred time and select the right zone for you. If you do not use any filter you can always choose your preferred playing time by opening an accommodation and view the calendar.
  3. The zone's view will always open on the calendar page. So you can double check if the field is available. Also you can check the “zone” tab where all the specific field information is given. The accommodation information is under the “accommodation” tab.

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